Double speed aerator – aerator company in Bangladesh

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Double speed aerator – Leading agrotechnology – aerator company in Bangladesh

Features of double speed aeratorLeading agrotechnology:

– 2 HP motor made of 100% copper coils

– both the fan and the body rotate, so a double wave is created

– It has two types of fans one is iron alloy and the other is durable plastic composite, the plastic composite fan last long.

Functionality of double speed aerator – aerator company in Bangladesh:

– It is capable of producing 4.5 kg of oxygen per hour in water

– 2.5-3 acres (250-300 decimal) area is covered by double speed aerator

– Completely eliminates the problem of oxygen in water

– Medicines to produce oxygen are no longer needed

– Fish feed properly, fish growth is normal (cold, hot, cloudy weather) all the time.

– Fish diseases are less, so there is no cost of other medicines

– Helps reduce other gases (eg ammonia) from water bodies


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