Ponds are the most extensive aquaculture technology used in the Bangladesh. Active and proper pond management is essential to maintain maximum production levels and to ensure quality products. A host of management practices is necessary to address issues related to water quality, disease and pathogens, aquatic vegetation, sedimentation, and predator control. Managing dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in ponds is a major concern of pond managers because it typically involves the use of equipment that must either be built or purchased, often at considerable cost. Although natural pond dynamics attributable to biological and chemical processes produce the most Dissolved Oxygen to cultured organisms, conditions related to stocking density, season, and weather patterns can create the need for mechanical aeration (the process of adding oxygen to water to enhance productivity and survival of the aquaculture organism).

Aeration improves other aspects of aquaculture pond environmental quality. Oxygenated water is distributed more evenly across a pond, so cultured species have more suitable habitat which decreases density factors and may improve growth. Aerators help to mix pond water which can reduce thermal stratification and improve other water chemistry factors, most notably, DO content. Finally, mixing by aeration can minimize organic matter accumulation that may increase BOD, reduce the density of algal blooms that can lead to oxygen depletion and fish health issues, and shift the composition of algae blooms that may lead to flavor issues in finfish.

For pond aeration purpose, paddle wheel aerator is the best solution

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Top quality Two-Impeller 1HP Paddlewheel Aerator for Fish Farming.  High speed working impellers splash the water into the air. These splashing water mix the oxygen in the air and be brought into the water and dissolved oxygen in the water increase.

The working impellers produce waves and currents make the saturated ammonia, CO2, methane, sulfureted hydrogen, etc. go out of the water and the water quality improved.


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Advantage of our product

  1. Products: High quality and efficiency, energy saving, environment protection.
  2. Pure Material without Any Impurities.
  3. Float boat and Impeller Use 100% New HDPE with UV resistance material and without adding any other material to increase weight
  4. High Aeration Capacity: 1HP Paddlewheel Aerator 3.5kg O2/h.
  5. Not Only Selling You Aerator, Professional Customize Aeration System for Your Pond.

You can get your own aeration system from our technical department after you provide us one of information as below:

1. Your ponds size, water depth, breeding density, aquaculture species.
2. Your target price for your ponds aeration system.
3.  Your request of Oxygen per hour for your pond.

Professional Sale Service: Make you NO-Worry for use.

  1. Can customize quality level to match customer’s target price.
  2. Can provide any accessories parts on aerator for any quantity.
  3. Many different models and different quality level for customer to choose.
  4. Warranty: One year for all of our aerator,
  5. Whole Life free technical guidance, follow up after use situation.

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