Surge Aerator Or Water Cooling Aerator – Leading agrotechnology – aerator company in Bangladesh

Surge Aerator Features:

Motor power:2HP


Voltage: 220V\380V\400V\415V\440V

Frequency: 50HZ\60HZ


Surge Aerator Or Water Cooling Aerator at Nobabgonj, Dhaka
NameSize / weightquantity setMaterial  
Body  270mm×290mm×490mm  1pcs304# SS,Copper enameled wire  
Pole brace200mm×35mm×80mm/0.26KG3pcs304# SS  
Bolt and nut0.5KG1pcs304# SS  

Surge Aerator  Product Detail:

  1. Simple design and easy to carry, the greatest advantage is power saving.
  2. Its floral spiral impeller with unique float bowl design can make the output water upward erupt. Water mixes with the oxygen in the air by writhing and surging. Oxygen go to water, so oxygen content is increased.
  3. When the water erupts upward, it goes through the motor and reducer, so that the motor and reducer are cooled by water, motor never be heat and burned.
  4. It can operate normally under the low voltage of 200v-220v.
  5. Wave making function: the powerful wave making ability greatly improves the contact area between water and air, and increases the oxygen load of the whole water through aeration, air contact, algae photosynthesis, ultraviolet radiation and other ways, improving water quality and reducing sewage discharge.
  6. Water lifting capacity: with strong water lifting capacity (transfer the bottom water to the surface and export it along the surface), it can effectively reduce the content of ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide, e. coli and other harmful substances and gases in the water body, improve the deep water quality and reduces water pollution.

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