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Features of double speed aerator:

– 2 HP made of 100% copper coils (Except copper coils, money back guarantee on proof of usage)

– In this, both the fan and the body rotate, so a double wave is created

– It has two types of fans one is iron alloy and the other is durable plastic composite, the plastic composite fan is durable

– To protect the peas, there is a hood over the peas

– The gear box will remain and the gear well must be used



Functionality of double speed aerator:

– It is capable of producing 4.5 kg of oxygen per hour in water

– it covers 2-3 acor or 200-300 decimal area

– Completely eliminates the problem of oxygen in water

– Medicines to create oxygen are no longer needed

– Fish eat right food, fish growth is normal (cold, hot, cloudy weather) all the time.

– Fish diseases are less, so there is no cost of other medicines

– Helps reduce other gases (such as ammonia) from water bodies


Precautions in using double speed aerator:

– If the voltage in the power line is close to 220, the aerator will serve for a long time

– Power lines must use at least 22/7 (3.0 rm) wire, otherwise good service will not be provided.

– Twice as many waves as other aerators, so if the bank is weak, special care must be taken, otherwise the bank may break.

– Care must be taken to ensure that the power cord does not come into contact with water under any circumstances, it is wise not to connect power when there are people in the water.

– The motor should not be started without putting the gear well in the motor, it may damage the teeth of the gear box of the motor and reduce the capacity of the aerator. And after 7-10 days of starting the motor for the first time, the gear well should be thrown away and a new gear well should be used, after that the gear well can be changed after 5-6 months, the power of the motor is correct and the motor is good for a long time.


Price – Tk 54000-55000 (price variable over time)


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