-To best of our knowledge, demand fish feeder is first time available/use in Bangladesh.

-Demand fish feeder increase the fish farm productivity, income and decrease the management hazards and costing and also reduce the fish farm labour dependency.

-For fish farm automation, it is one of the important tools.

-Use of demand feeder, reduce the labour and also increase the fish feed application efficiency.

-Use of demand feeder, farmer can control the amount of fish feed and also control the feed application time and frequency.

Our demand fish feeder machine hopper capacity is 120 kg of fish feed, made of corrosion resistance plastic which make feeder lifespan longer. Feed in demand feeder hopper is evenly discharged into the dispensing part by the detaching part when the feeder is working. The dispensing part throws the feed into the fish pond evenly and quickly under centrifugation from main motor.


Part No            Part Name                                        Function

1                        Feed Tank                                           Load feed.

2                        Frame                                                 Combine parts.

3                        Main Motor                                       Supply power.

4                        Vibrating Motor                               Detach feed from Tank.

5                        Dispensing Plate                              Dispense feed into ponds.

6                        Electrical Control Panel                 Control working.

Working Principle:
Feed is evenly discharged into Dispensing Plate from Tank by Vibrating System. Dispensing Plate dispenses feed into ponds evenly and quickly under centrifugation of Main Motor.

(1) The amount of discharged feed can be precisely controlled by Adjust Handle and Tighten Nut.
(2) Main Motor′s working time can be controlled by Electrical Control Panel to make the feed thrown quantitatively.
(3) The machine has perfect behavior and accurate adjustment of the amount of throwing feed.
(4) The water area of dispensing feed is large.

Power Supply AC 220-230 V or DC 12V (optional)

Power is 120W, Single Phase

Dispensing capacity – 200 kg/hour
Feeding Distance —-3 to 20 meter
Suitable For Water Area ——6000 m2

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